home maintenanceThe final papers are signed, the keys are yours, you are a proud new owner of a home. This is just the first step in a wonderful journey. To make sure that your new home is long enjoyed for many years to come, it is important to have a regular maintenance plan in place, including phoenix roof repair. Arizona is a beautiful place to live, however in this climate there are certain things that need to be taken care of, to make sure that your home is prepared to withstand the elements. When we think of the word maintenance we think work, however with modern technology it is easier than ever. Even with all the maintenance problems can happen, making sure that you have plans in place will help to save money as well as stress. Being a new home owner is a wonderful investment in your future, and by taking a few steps you can easily protect it.

There are many parts of your home that needs regular maintenance to be as efficient and safe as possible. Not all maintenance needs to be done at the same time, so taking the time to create a yearly maintenance calendar for your home will help to keep dates clear. Another benefit to creating a calendar will be that you can schedule a professional ahead of time, and get the one that you want. Owning a new home means that you have a monthly budget in place, by spreading out the yearly maintenance, you will also be spreading out the cost of the maintenance. The reasons for creating a yearly maintenance calendar and checklist go on and on, but the best reason is make sure your home is taken care of.

There are so many aspects of a new home, and trying to figure out what needs maintenance and when, no longer needs to be confusing with the use of technology. Thanks to smart phones and all of the home maintenance apps that are available, it is super easy. These apps offer great features including: maintenance tips, how to instructions, schedules, reminders, checklists of regular home maintenance concerns, and lots more. These apps make home maintenance easy for everyone to understand and manage.

Arizona has a very unique climate that homeowners need to keep in mind, when preparing their home for the changing seasons. Summers in Arizona are nice and hot, in fact very hot. Before summer having the entire air conditioning unit get a good check-up is very important. During these triple digit temperatures, wildfires are a possibility. Keeping the brush and trees trimmed and well away from your home is a simple and great way to protect your home. Arizona is also known for our monsoon season; this is when severe thunderstorms can occur.

summer house with solar panelsThese storms can bring strong winds, heavy rains, and in some areas flash flooding. Before the start of monsoon season, the gutters and downspouts on your home should be checked over and cleaned. Keeping a supply of emergency items, to use in the event of a flood, should be on your list if your home is in an area that could experience a flash flood. These emergency items should include materials for a quick home repair. Before the start of winter, the heating system should get a cleaning and workup, any chimneys should also be cleaned out before use. Making sure that your home is properly prepared, before each season is an important part of home maintenance.


Arizona is the best state to live in. With a warm weather all around the year and average price of real estate, it would not come as a surprise if you are already living there. We provide tips and tricks to keep in perfect conditions your new house. Let's get started and if you need more help, you can email us at: